Monday, October 1, 2012

We had our yard sale on Saturday and had a great turnout.  Thanks to everyone who came and supported us by donating and shopping.  Thanks also to the wonderful friends who helped us run the yard sale.  We could not have done it without them.  We now have about $1300 raised out of the $40,000 total we need.  There is a long way to go, but I have faith that we will make it.  I have seen the hand of God in all that we have been doing.

Today I was able to contact our case worker to get our home study started.  I was so excited because she sounds like she will get the home study done fast.  We start with a background check.  I printed out the application.  Got our social security cards out of my files to make copies and realized we no longer have Jay's.  So disappointing because I had planned on mailing everything to our caseworker today!  Jay is now down at the Social Security office applying to get a new copy of his card.  It could take up to 10 business days to come.  In the meantime we'll keep fundraising.

We have several fund raisers planned:

Let's see how much we can raise by donating $10 on 10/10!  You can donate here on the blog through the "Donate" button or at the YouCaring site that our friend set up for us.

T-Shirt Fundraiser  A friend of mine designed a neat t-shirt for us to sell.  She is hosting a boy this Christmas through the same program that we hosted the girls.

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