Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cartwheeling to Ukraine Fundraiser!

How many cartwheels do you think I can do in a row?  We're going to find out on October 20th!

One day when the girls were first here we were having a bonding moment with them.  We had been having a harder day with L when we took them biking to a church parking lot.  L started doing cartwheels and wanted Jay to do one.  He did!  As I stood there watching them I knew it would really help me bond with L if I did one too.  I hadn't done a cartwheel for at least 25 years.  As the girls and Jay watched, I channeled my inner 11 year old self and proceeded to do a somewhat decent cartwheel.  I was surprised!  And it did wonders for my bond with L which was my desired result.

Now I'm doing cartwheels to get the girls and their sister back home to their forever family.  On October 20th I will do as many cartwheels as I can in a row.  We are asking you to pledge whatever amount you want per cartwheel that I do.  So if you pledge $5 per cartwheel and I manage to do 4 in a row (wow!), then you would donate $20 towards getting the girls here.  Place your pledge in the comments section of this blog or on the Triple Treasures Facebook Page facebook page.  You can place a limit on the amount of cartwheels you will pay for.  So no worries that I might moonlight as a circus performer and can do hundreds!  When it's time to pay, you can use one of our donate buttons or hand us the donation!  Pass this along to your friends to join in the fun and let's get the girls here!

How many cartwheels do you think this crazy mom can do?!

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