Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Adoption Blog Spotlights Our Story and More Updates

Visit this Open Adoption Blog to read the interview that the author, Kathryn LeBaron posted on her blog.  We are excited about this and grateful to Kathryn.

The homestudy should be complete any day now.  As soon as it is done we can start applying for adoption grants.  And we start the dossier.  I am excited to be at this stage!

We have received donations for several of our fundraisers.  I have really appreciated the supportive comments that some donors have made.  Thank you so much!

A journalist from the Daily Herald interviewed us yesterday along with a photographer from the Herald coming out and taking lots of pictures of me doing cartwheels.  My leg muscles were pretty sore after that!  That probably was the hardest portrait assignment that photographer will ever get!

The Eli Project, a charity that accepts tax deductible donations for adoptive families, has decided to continue providing this needed service.  I have been busy filling out the application for us to be one of their families and will update this blog with that information when it is available.

We are starting the Cartwheels to Ukraine Part Two fundraiser really soon.  I'm just trying to figure out the logistics of it.  That's next on my list and I hope to have it up and running by tonight.

Thanks to all who help us and who spread the word of our cause.  We still have a lot to raise, but know that adopting our three girls is what God wants us to do, and he will provide through wonderful people who donate and help us and who we are eternally grateful for!

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