Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Memory Friday

Each Friday we post a memory from our summer with the girls.
This week's memory is provided by one of our neighbors, Janice.
"We met S and L 3 weeks into their adventure. It was marvelous. My girls came home and told me they met these two girls that were staying with their grandpa for the summer. I thought nothing of it. Then when I met the host family, I got the real story.

"Our families connected in an amazing way. Our kids (and the adults) all click amazingly. We got together and had a BBQ which also (conveniently) landed on my birthday!
Arin made an amazing cake, that I may or may not have had too much of......

"The 3 weeks we had to get to know the girls was way too short. We did get in some other fun activities. We went to Lehi Trafalga and to Seven Peaks.

"Arin and Jay were amazing and took the girls to experience so many things and meet so many people that love them so much. When they get here, they will already have a great support system.

"We also got to go to the airport to see the girls off. While it was very difficult, I am so grateful that we got time with them while they were here, and I am even more grateful at the unselfishness of Arin and Jay and their willingness to bring 3 orphans into their family, so I can fully benefit by their association :)"
Thanks Janice for your memories and your support with the girls.

With Janice's family.

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