Monday, October 8, 2012

A quick update

I've been really busy with filling out paperwork for the homestudy, working on fundraisers and normal, everyday life lately.  Last week we sent in our background check applications and applied for passports.

We received exciting news this morning.  Friends of ours who live in The Netherlands and who speak Russian have been trying for a while to call and get through to the girls at the orphanage.  Today they were able to talk to L for a few minutes.  It was so great to hear from her.  L was excited to hear from our friends.  They've been getting our letters, yay!  They are doing well, school is going well and they are healthy.  The girls miss and love us.  Everything was so good in America.

We were so glad to hear from them.  We are grateful to know that the girls are receiving our letters.  We miss them so much and can't wait until they are home again.

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