Saturday, September 29, 2012

We are led to adoption

In April we began a journey that we didn't know would lead to adoption.  Through a friend we learned about an Eastern European orphan hosting program.  Our friend posted several pictures on her blog of orphans who needed a family to come to for the summer.  A picture of two girls caught Arin's attention.  The look in the older girl, L's, eyes spoke to Arin and we decided to host them.  We were told that they were probably host only because they had multiple siblings in other institutions.  We thought that would be okay, we would love them for the summer and give them as many good experiences as we could.  To read more about about our experiences over the summer, visit our blog  It isn't completely updated yet.  I (Arin) will update it as soon as possible.

While the girls were here we discovered they had another sister in their same orphanage who had been in the hospital when the hosting program was interviewing the children.  Because the program didn't know about her she wasn't able to come with her sisters.  We sent gifts home with her sisters to give to her hoping she would feel our love for her.  We also found out that they are the only adoptable members of their family.  They have a brother and sister who are too old to be adopted.

While we had challenges with cultural differences and communication, we discovered how good and wonderful the girls are.  They are very happy and said that their sister is a lot like S (the younger one), laughing all the time.  We love them so much and they love our family.  We had hosted them hoping to make a difference for someone and were now thinking about adoption.  But we weren't ready when they left to go home.  We spent the next 7 weeks feeling troubled with no peace about our decision not to adopt them.   At one point we prayed for peace and the immediate answer Arin received was that we would adopt them and it would be okay.  At the time it seemed almost impossible, but the way opened up for us.  We now can see other promptings to adopt them that we had not recognized before.  We were led to them and need to get them out of the orphanage and into our home with our family and community that love them.

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