Thursday, January 31, 2013

Give $5 for 5 Friday

Thanks for all your donations.
We can bring the girls home with everyone's help! 
I can't believe we go to Ukraine in less than 5 weeks now!  I am so excited to see the girls again and to get to know Diana.  The girls still don't know how soon we will be coming.  We plan to tell them after we receive our appointment from Ukraine and know our exact date.  I am really looking forward to being able to tell them.  That is going to be one FUN phone call!
We are looking forward to beginning the process adopting their two younger sisters.  We ask for prayers that God's will is done in regards to the little sisters and that we will understand what we are supposed to do.  Thanks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How are you going to communicate with the girls when they don't speak English and you don't speak Russian?

I really enjoy this question.  We have had five weeks practice with communicating already.  When we were anticipating hosting the girls, we had no idea how much English they spoke.  When they arrived, we quickly learned that they spoke no English.  None at all!  It really was amazing how much we could communicate through gestures and by doing.  The girls are very friendly and tried hard to communicate.  We played one big game of Charades for 5 weeks.  Read more

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So what can $5 from you do? It can give 5 sisters from Ukraine a family. The Jones Family has 5 WEEKS left to raise enough money to complete the adoption proc...ess to bring these girls home. If you donate $5 then share this picture with 5 friends who donate $5...and so on...and so on...and so on....just think of what we can all do together...MIRACLES is what we can do. Give $5 at today and receive a high 5 for helping 5 sisters join a family!


Monday, January 28, 2013

A heavenly avalanche of love... the Jones family adoption story

$5 for 5 Girls on Friday
So...what can $5 do? Well, you could buy a Happy Meal for ONE of your kids; You could buy a jar of organic peanut butter; You could wash your car; You could buy a ream of copy paper; You could help a family adopt 5 orphans from the Ukraine.... Hmm...which sounds better to you?

$5 for 5 starts this Friday. The Jones Family will have 5 WEEKS left to raise enough money to complete the adoption process to bring these girls home. If you donate $5 then share this video with 5 friends who donate $5...and so on...and so on...and so on....just think of what we can all do together...MIRACLES is what we can do. Want to be a part of something bigger than that $5 grande latte somethin' somethin' you pick up each morning on your way to work? You'll never look at 5-bucks the same way ever again. ♥

Sunday, January 27, 2013

We just spoke to girls!

I love this picture of the three girls at their orphanage.  It is a composite picture made up of two photos that the girls took with the camera we mailed to them in December.  Jay added Lyuba to the picture of Diana and Snezhana.  We looked at  pictures of Lyuba and Snezhana together from summer hosting to get the proportions right.  When we found out about Diana while hosting the girls, Lyuba described the three of them as like stair steps in height.  This picture shows that, that's why I love it!
Today I calculated the time left until we go to Ukraine to get the girls.  I can't believe that we leave in only 5 weeks!  I am very excited for the girls - they will be soooo happy.  When we first told them that we are adopting them, we told them we would be coming out later in the spring.  At the time, that was when we thought we'd be going.  We've left them thinking that now just in case something comes up and we can't go in March.  As we get closer to going, less is likely to come up and we are more certain of our travel dates.  They will be so surprised and happy when we come earlier.  Every time we talk to them on the phone they ask, "When are we coming?"  One of their birthdays is March 7 and there is a chance we could be at their orphanage on that day!
We spoke to them on the phone yesterday.  It was a somewhat short conversation because they had to go to dinner.  We spoke with Diana first because she was in the room already when we called.  We asked how she was and she said good.  We wanted to know how her new niece was.  Their older sister had just had a baby.  Diana seemed perplexed when we asked and finally said that Lyuba might have one but she doesn't.  It was now our turn to be confused!  After the phone call our wonderful translators who haven't had much of a need to speak Russian for 20 years checked their dictionary for the word for "niece" in Russian.  They came to realize that they had used the word for "grand-daughter."  We had asked Diana how her grand-daughter was doing!  We got a big kick out of that, especially the idea that Lyuba might have one, and next time will have to ask Diana how her "niece" is doing!  I can't wait to meet Diana and get to know her more.  When I see the picture of the girls I know exactly how Lyuba and Snezhana are.  I can see their personalities in Lyuba's cool ("clas" in Russian) pose and Snezhana's quirky smile.  We are excited to get to know Diana as well as we know her sisters.
Lyuba is doing good.  She wants to learn English so much.  She recently learned another English word from a movie they had watched with subtitles.  She's trying so hard!  We told her we'd start teaching her when we came.  We told her that we plan to go to the beach this summer.  She told the other two girls about that and is excited to go.  Knowing her adventerous personality, she will have so much fun boogie boarding.
Snezhana was last and it was already time for dinner when she got on the phone.  We all told her we love her and she said "e ya lublu tibya"  (the "e" is long), which means,  "And I love you."  She drew out "lublu."  Then she said that she had to go, it was time to eat!  We all said "Baca", goodbye, and she was gone.  We joked afterwards that she was like, "You guys are great!  But I've got to go get some food before it's all gone!"  I can't wait until she and her sisters are all here and eating dinner with us instead of telling us goodbye so they can go eat.
I can't believe we are finally getting close to going to get the girls.  Everything has gone so smoothly with our paperwork.  It is now in a line of dossiers in Ukraine.  Today at church one of our teachers mentioned faith.  He asked what the difference between faith and belief is.  From my experience I have really come to know that faith involves taking action in something you believe.  I believe so much in our cause.  These girls must be adopted and given a chance for a good life.  I fully believe that we are their only hope for this.  It has taken a lot of faith to proceed with the adoption.  Especially with the financial part.  Adoption wasn't on our radar a year ago.  We choose to host with no plans to adopt.  Because of this we don't have all the funds in place to adopt.  We have been able to contribute a large amount of our own funds for the hosting and adoption and have received donations which we appreciate so much.  We still have $21,000 left.  We could wait and save for another year or so, but the girls truly need to be with a family now.  The time for us to go to Ukraine is coming soon.  We know that with your help we can make it!  Please help the girls by donating and spreading the word.  Even a small donation of $5 goes a long way when many people do it.  We appreciate your support!
This comment by ShawtGunn on the KSL article says it all:
"I just read the article about this family and these girls. I just donated the money I would have spent on lunch today and tomorrow. For me that was $10. I challenge anyone else reading this to donate your lunch money, whatever it may be. Go without eating lunch out on the town 1 day this week or month. Take a sandwich to work one day. Donate the $5-$10 using the link on the blog posted in the article. I was happy to see they have a PayPal link which made it easier for me instead of digging up my credit card, etc. I am optimistic that the good in people will be seen in behalf of this family and these kids. Please DO IT!"

Friday, January 25, 2013

Valentine Craft Fair at Peteetneet in Payson, Utah
Saturday February 9, 6pm to 9pm
Browse lots of fun vendors and support our adoption!
Boutiques * Silent Auction * Bake Sale * Food
20+ vendors including:
Pink Zebra
Handmade Wood Crafts
Usborne Books
Posh Skin Care
Cute Crochet Items
Origami Owl
Ally Abby Bowtique
Sewn Items Including Purses, Wallets, Tutus, etc.
Cierra Ashley Fragrance for Life
Personalized Tiles with Photos, etc.
various other crafts
and more.......

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Family Adopts 5 Siblings From Peru

I just love this article about a Missouri family adopting 5 precious siblings from Peru.  It just really resonates with me.  If feels so much like our situation!  I especially identify with these statements from the article:

"And although they were already busy with two kids -- Scott's 17-year-old daughter from a previous marriage and their 15-month-old girl -- one night. Lauren couldn’t fight the nagging feelings anymore.

“ 'Somebody’s got to do it, and why can’t it be us?' Lauren, 30, said to her husband."


“So we eat spaghetti a lot if we have to," she said. "So I don’t buy expensive jeans. Those are dumb reasons to not take these kids in.”


“It’s about people seeing that it’s possible -- that, one, adopting older kids isn’t as scary as everybody thinks it is, and two, that doing what God asks even when it seems crazy is worth it.”

and especially:

"And they began thinking of them as part of their family. That bond was crucial as the family began navigating the long, expensive and at times emotionally draining process of international adoption.

“ 'We got told 'no' a lot of times, and by then we were already crazy about these kids, so it was a rough part of the story,' Lauren Sterling recalled. 'And you had to keep trusting that we were fighting for something that you knew was yours to fight for.' "

Isn't that great?  Read the whole story here:

  Missouri Family Takes in Orphaned Peruvian Siblings After Learning Email Was No Scam

Help the 5 girls we are fighting for come home to their family by donating.  Even $5 or $10 adds up and makes a difference!

Snezhana with Devree.  Snezhana tells us that she can't wait to come back!  And we can't wait until we get to go bring her home.  We are on track to be going to Ukraine in the beginning of March.

Lyuba with Devree.  Lyuba tells us that she wants to take Hip Hop at school when she comes!  She also can't wait to come.  Diana, their sister, tells us the same thing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Beautiful Article About Teen Boy Adopted From Ukraine

I found this article about a 14 year old orphan boy in Ukraine who thought he had no hope of adoption and the wonderful family that adopted him and the amazing way his life is turning out.  I thought you might enjoy it.

After an abusive past, Ukraine-born football player Vasya Jones finally has a home in Chattanooga

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Changed Comment Settings

I've heard from a couple of people that they can't leave a comment on my posts.  I just changed the settings and anyone can leave a comment now.

The New Horizons For Children Interview Team is in Ukraine

The New Horizons team is now in Ukraine interviewing children for Summer hosting.  One of the interviewers describes what it is like for them as they travel around Ukraine finding these precious orphans.  She also highlights some of the sweet children they are finding in the orphanages.

This one just really touches me and I hope a family chooses them:

"I think of brothers Tolya and Ivan… whom we’ve interviewed before but a family has never chosen them. Good brothers, who like each other and get along. Brothers who would very much like to see America- together."

Another one that really gets to me is about a boy who did poorly last summer hosting:

"He’s made some changes in his life and has weathered some tough breaks. He has seen first hand the desperation that can come with post orphanage life as his older (aged out) brother committed suicide just a couple of months ago. It brought Mikal LOW and rocked him to his very core, but I think he’s come out a more mature young man. And one, we hope, more prepared to LEARN from a trip to America. He realizes he’s too old for adoption and that a student visa from Ukraine is not an option; but he is now quite vocal with the younger kids- telling them to really look at their options and see what their future has in store for them. Mikal SEES his future, and he’s trying to help others avoid it."

These are real kids in real situations.  The girls we are working to adopt are out there facing their own future reality in Ukraine.  Please help us adopt them and give them their own family by donating.  You can make a real difference in these girls' lives.

Read more about the interview team's journey here:


Monday, January 21, 2013

Lip Balm

Buy some yummy lip balm and support our adoption!

We're selling this lip balm made from natural, high quality ingredients to help fund our adoption. I have been using it and love it. There are two flavors - Peppermint and Mango Peach Fusion. They are $3 each or 4 for $10.  Pay through the donation link on this blog.  In the donation comment section leave your name, address and the number of lip balms you'd like along with the flavors.  If you are local, contact me and we'll arrange pickup.

Phone call with girls

We just talked to the girls this morning.  They are anxious to come as soon as possible.  All three are doing well.  The word they use sounds a lot like "normal."  We told them about the snow house that our kids made and they told us about the big snowman they made.  We told Lyuba that her scanned hand print that she made and put on our fridge is still up there.  She was happy to hear that.  We told them that their cousins are excited to meet them.  The girls are happy to meet them soon.  Our sweet, almost 12 year old niece just donated her birthday money to the girls' adoption fund.

Lyuba was very talkative, as usual!  She asked us to send something that she had used while here, but our translators were having a hard time understanding what she wanted.  She described the contents of our bathroom to them.  Our translators were learning more about our bathroom than they ever wanted to know!  Finally, when she said you put it in your mouth, but don't swallow it and then you spit it out, they figured out she wants mouthwash.  I don't even remember her using mouthwash while she was here!

Diana sounded happy and sweet.  She is sometimes quieter because she doesn't know us, but this time she talked more.  She wants to come out and experience what her sisters were able to do.  She still wants to be adopted.

Snezhana was really quiet today.  I hope she's okay.  We cannot wait to be reunited with her.  We can't wait to be with all three, but I feel it especially with Snezhana because she's the youngest and I feel has a lot of need for parents.

We were able to learn the ages of their little sisters.  They are 8 and 9.  I am so glad they are older and have each other because the chances of more serious attachment issues are lessened.  I pray that we are able to adopt them too.  It is so sad that all of the girls are so close in age and separated.  They should be in the same orphanage.  I hope we are able to reunite them for good.

Snezhana wearing Papa's (Jay) reading glasses.
Help us bring her home!!!
Lyuba so happy to receive Hello Kitty ear phones from Isak and Devree.
Help us bring her home!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brick Walls

“Brick walls are there for a reason; they let us prove how badly we want something . . . because the brick walls are there to stop people who don’t want it badly enough.”  Randy Pausch

This week I had the wind knocked out of me for a day.  I had just received emails letting me know that we aren't being funded for an interest free adoption loan and that we aren't receiving an adoption grant that we had recently applied for.  I had hopes for both of these and would have been so relieved if only one had come through for us.  I felt even worse about the grant because I had messed up by not sending in our tax returns on time.  Even though I had originally turned in our application over a month before, we were only given a week to have our facilitator send some info in and to get our three references to write and send their letters in.  In all of my hustle to get make sure they all got their items turned in on time, I completely forgot about the tax returns until two days after the deadline.  In a panic, I emailed them in, but was told that it was too late.  I was really kicking myself. 

I am reminded of what Randy Pausch said in his book, The Last Lecture, about brick walls being there to stop people who don't want something badly enough.  I had certainly ran up against a brick wall.  This isn't the first one we have hit.  For a fleeting moment after coming up against a wall I just want to stop all of this and go back to my easy simple and somewhat selfish life.  But when I think of our three girls in the orphanage and how much they want to come here to live, I want it badly enough for them to keep going.  We love the girls.  Because we spent last summer with them and were able to bond, we love Lyuba and Snezhana like they are our own children.  We love Diana too.  We are determined to get them out of the orphanage.  So, the next day after having the wind knocked out of me, I got up and got going again.  We are going to get through the "money" brick wall.  We still have an adoption grant application out for a smaller grant. All of these are from private Christian charities.  We have several fundraisers in the works also.  And we are accepting donations.

If you can help us get through this brick wall, we'd be very grateful.  Any size donation helps.  I wouldn't have believed this before our adoption experience, but even $5 really helps!  Lots of small donations can add up.

We love these girls!

This picture was taken the first day the girls were here.  Snezhana right away showed us how cute and spunky she is.  Her cute personality comes through in this picture.  She loved that dog costume and wore it several times throughout the summer - in 90 degree weather!  Lyuba was so sweet and outgoing.  She sat Leah down and started doing Leah's hair.  Next thing I know, Leah's hair looked like this:

Lyuba amazed people all summer long with what she could do with hair.  She even made my hair up like she did Leah's and my hair is short, as you can see in our family picture below!

We have to bring these girls home!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Thankful for all the kind comments!

We have really appreciated all of the kind comments made, both from the recent donors and from the KSL article.  The kindness shown is just amazing.  Thanks to everyone who donated, we were able to raise $800.  I'd like to share some of the comments with you.

Donors' comments:

"Just wanted to help."

"Best wishes on a rapid and successful adoption!"

"Donation. Best wishes to you, I will be following your blog and praying for your family."

"To help bring all your girls home."

"Adoption!!! Good Luck!"

And from the KSL article:

"made my day :) my siblings and i were adopted together when the foster care system was getting ready to split us up. my mom and dad had adopted 2brothers before us and then they adopt all 4 of us when they found out they were going to separate us. :)"

"Little one reminds me of my youngest daughter in some of her faces and mannerisms. Had to donate $10. Wish it could be more, sorry."

"I think they were crazy to think that they'd host these girls and not fall in love with them! It's great for them! We set out to adopt two kids from another country and ended up with five siblings instead and one more back there who we have guardianship of as well. I have to say, children are worth the cost. Thanks for doing what you can to make not just one but possibly five lives better!!!"

"I just read the article about this family and these girls. I just donated the money I would have spent on lunch today and tomorrow. For me that was $10. I challenge anyone else reading this to donate your lunch money, whatever it may be. Go without eating lunch out on the town 1 day this week or month. Take a sandwich to work one day. Donate the $5-$10 using the link on the blog posted in the article. I was happy to see they have a PayPal link which made it easier for me instead of digging up my credit card, etc. I am optimistic that the good in people will be seen in behalf of this family and these kids. Please DO IT!"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Many Hands Make Light Work

The title of this post is one of my favorite quotes I say to my children when we're working on a big project.  It actually also applies with our adoption and our wonderful community, both here in Utah and the online world.  It seems like a small donation of two or three dollars wouldn't make much of a difference.  But when added together with 1,000 other people's two or three dollar donations, it really makes a difference.  We are facing a huge and seemingly insurmountable task.  We are saving all we can from our income to fund the adoption.  But it would take us years to save the amount we need.  The girls don't have years to wait.  Please be one of the many hands that help us make light work!  We are truly appreciative of all help.

Our family is deeply grateful for the love and support we have received so far... both in love, and in monetary contributions. It has come in places we have not expected. Some who have read our blog have donated $5 or $10, other times we have received more substantial contributions such as a jar of money on our doorstep. Every little bit has helped so far. Through these contributions we have been able to get our home study and dossier in. We have such a long way to go still, but we would not have gotten this far without your help. Thank you!

Click on the link to the KSL article:
I just received an email from our facilitator which clarifies things a little more.  I now know that the two little sisters are in an orphanage still and that their only hope for adoption is to be adopted with their older sisters.  I can't go into a lot of detail, partly because I don't know that much myself, but also I don't want to hurt the adoption.  We are going to proceed with the adoption with the hope of adopting all five.  They are all available for adoption, but hearts will need to be softened for us to adopt all of them.  I know that hearts can be softened.  We will need to raise and bring enough money to adopt all five because this will be their one chance.  If we only have enough to adopt the older three girls, we won't be able to later adopt the other two as I previously thought we could try to do.  We get one shot!  As things unfold while we are in Ukraine, I'll keep you posted.

 I have peace about being able to adopt the girls.  Before we had decided to adopt them and after the girls had left to go back to Ukraine, Jay and I did not have peace about not adopting them.  We decided to fast and pray for peace.  While I prayed for peace, and peace only, not whether we should adopt them or not, I very strongly felt these words, "You will adopt the girls and it will be okay."  It was surprising to me to get that answer, but a week later the way was opened up for us to begin to adopt them and we have continued to witness miracles.  I have faith that the way will be opened for us in Ukraine.  It will be okay!

One thing that drives me in all of this is the thought of Lyuba and Snezhana who we hosted during last summer.  They are wonderful girls who have a great desire and a need to be adopted.  I think about Lyuba and how kind and compassionate she is.  She is intuitive and willing to help without being asked.  And how adventerous and full of life she is too.  She needs a mom and dad who love her!  And Snezhana, whose pet name is Snezhok, which means "snowflake."  She is a little girl who became more confident and happy as the summer went on with us.  She loved snuggling with me and rough housing with Jay (Papa).  She needs her own mom and dad who love her!  Then I think of Diana, who was left behind at the orphanage because she had been in the hospital when the New Horizons interview team came to their orphanage to find kids.  She must have felt so left out.  New Horizons didn't realize the girls had another sister.  We didn't even know about her until a week before the girls left to go back home to Ukraine.  We loaded the girls up with gifts for Diana hoping she would feel our love for her.  We have been able to talk to her on the phone during our weekly calls and she sounds just as cute and sweet as her two sisters.  All three are anxious to be adopted as soon as possible.  They can't wait to come back to America and be reunited with our family and with the friends that they made while here.  I also think of the two little sisters, Liliya and Sasha, separated from their sisters and living in a different orphanage.  I know how wonderful the older three are and know that we don't want to leave their two little sisters behind.

The reason we are working so hard to adopt these girls is because we absolutely know God wants us to. We also love the girls very much and don't want them to graduate from the orphanage system in Ukraine. Their opportunities are very limited in Ukraine and aren't nice at all. It's hard for us in the Western world to really understand the realities orphans face in Eastern Europe. I have come to a bit of an understanding and it is not something I can stand to think of for our girls.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting an answer about the younger sisters, that really isn't an answer!

Well, I learned more from our facilitator today, and am still left in the dark as to where the girls' two little sisters are and if they are available for adoption.  It looks like we may not be adopting all five with this adoption.  We won't even know if they are all attached (meaning available together) until we get notice from Ukraine of our court date.  Even then, it sounds like we won't be allowed to adopt all five at once.  Very unusual for Ukraine.  If the two little sisters are still in an orphanage, we'll complete the adoption of the three older sisters first.  We feel strongly that if they are available for adoption, the younger sisters need to be adopted to live with their older sisters.  So when we're home with the older girls, we'll turn around and start the adoption of the other two.  That is unless someone in Ukraine has compassion on the family of sisters and lets them all be adopted together.  There's more to it, nothing that interesting, but I don't want to put out too much and jeopardize the adoption.

It looks like our court date in Kiev will be around March 5.  Two days before one of the girls' birthday.  If the court date is actually on the 5th, we would arrive at the orphanage on her birthday.  That would be so exciting!

We would ask for prayers that certain people's hearts are touched and the girls are allowed to be adopted all together.  We would also ask for prayers that we have enough money in time.  That the grants we have applied for come through for us.  And that people are touched and donate to the girls' adoption.  But really, we ask please just prayers that God's will is done concerning the girls, all five of them.  I know God is involved in the girls' lives and what He knows is best for them, really is best.  I am at peace with how the adoption is proceeding because I know that He is in charge and cares about the girls.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First Fundraising Committee Meeting

Last night a group of wonderful friends got together to form a fundraising committee for the girls' adoption.  I am so grateful to them for helping.  We have fundraisers planned for the near future including a Battle of the Bands concert (Provo/Orem area) and a Family Valentine's Dinner/Silent Auction (Payson area).  We'll also get started on a Facebook auction page and an Etsy store.  Keep watching for more information about each one coming soon.

These are some needs we have:

*Donations for silent auction.

*Handcrafted items to be sold in Etsy store.

*Business sponsorships for the Battle of the Bands or the Dinner

*Any other ideas or ways you can help!

Please email me (Arin) at if you can help.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homeland Security Approval!

Being approved to adopt by Homeland Security, we now have our paperwork ready.  Unless we learn that we can adopt the girls' two younger sisters.  Then we will amend our homestudy and the Homeland Security approval.  Our facilitator tells us that it will be no big deal.  We're hoping to get the information about the two little sisters this week or next week at the latest. 

We talked to the girls on Sunday.  I could just hear in little S's voice how much she wants to be here.  All three girls are dying to come asap.  It is so hard because they don't understand how hard we are working to get them here.  All of the hoops we have to jump through, and all the money it costs that we need to save and raise.  It takes time.  It's kind of crazy because here is a family that loves these girls and wants to adopt them.  And those girls' great desire at this time is to be here with us!  Sometimes I think, "Just let them come to us!"  But both countries' governments need to screen those who are adopting.  I understand that.

We are on track with paperwork to travel to Ukraine in February.  We still need a lot of money.  Tonight we'll meet with some wonderful friends who will help us come up with ways to get the word out and fundraise.  I am hoping that we do have the needed money at the same time Ukraine is ready for us to come.  Thankfully we originally told the girls it would be later in the Spring before we could get them so they won't be dissappointed if we can't go in February.  But what a wonderful surprise for them when we do show up much earlier than they think!

If you can donate any amount, small or large, please consider doing so.  We'll post fundraisers soon too.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

We're Keeping Busy Waiting

I love to make up my own Yogi Berra quotes, hence the title of this post.  We're waiting for several things.  When will we know if we will be adopting 3 or 5 girls?  When will Homeland Security receive the updated hardcopy of our homestudy so they can approve us?  When will Ukraine give us a court date?  Lyuba, Diana and Snezhana are waiting too.  When can they come to America?  That's the question they keep asking us.  I just hope they are kept busy and time goes fast for them.

While waiting for the answers to those questions, we still have to fundraise.  We still need about $23,000 to fund the three girls' adoption.  We'll need more if we can adopt their other two little sisters at the same time.  I'm not sure how much more, but I'm guessing about $13,000.  That includes an extra week stay in Ukraine (and time off of work for Jay) along with adoption fees, airfare and government fees for the two girls.  That adds up to $36,000 that we need by the middle of February!  I know the adoption fees sound like a lot, but when you break it all down you can see that they all make sense.  They just really add up.  We have been blessed with what we've needed when we have needed it so far.

It is all rather overwhelming when I think about it all.  I've been taking things one step at a time and have been okay.  It's hard for me to describe it, but I feel that we are being watched over.  Jay and I have both separately had thoughts about the girls' deceased grandmother being involved, from the other side, in their lives.  Of course she cares about them tremendously.  And we have both had our own witness that she is involved with what is going on.

We are so thankful to all of you that have donated. We're going to be working on more fundraisers this month. Hopefully we can step things up a notch to raise the money in time. I think of the three girls and it keeps me going. They must be out of the orphanage and in our family! To have them stay in the orphanage is unthinkable to Jay and me.  Please donate to their adoption if you are able to.  Even small amounts add up.