Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Getting an answer about the younger sisters, that really isn't an answer!

Well, I learned more from our facilitator today, and am still left in the dark as to where the girls' two little sisters are and if they are available for adoption.  It looks like we may not be adopting all five with this adoption.  We won't even know if they are all attached (meaning available together) until we get notice from Ukraine of our court date.  Even then, it sounds like we won't be allowed to adopt all five at once.  Very unusual for Ukraine.  If the two little sisters are still in an orphanage, we'll complete the adoption of the three older sisters first.  We feel strongly that if they are available for adoption, the younger sisters need to be adopted to live with their older sisters.  So when we're home with the older girls, we'll turn around and start the adoption of the other two.  That is unless someone in Ukraine has compassion on the family of sisters and lets them all be adopted together.  There's more to it, nothing that interesting, but I don't want to put out too much and jeopardize the adoption.

It looks like our court date in Kiev will be around March 5.  Two days before one of the girls' birthday.  If the court date is actually on the 5th, we would arrive at the orphanage on her birthday.  That would be so exciting!

We would ask for prayers that certain people's hearts are touched and the girls are allowed to be adopted all together.  We would also ask for prayers that we have enough money in time.  That the grants we have applied for come through for us.  And that people are touched and donate to the girls' adoption.  But really, we ask please just prayers that God's will is done concerning the girls, all five of them.  I know God is involved in the girls' lives and what He knows is best for them, really is best.  I am at peace with how the adoption is proceeding because I know that He is in charge and cares about the girls.

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