Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Homeland Security Approval!

Being approved to adopt by Homeland Security, we now have our paperwork ready.  Unless we learn that we can adopt the girls' two younger sisters.  Then we will amend our homestudy and the Homeland Security approval.  Our facilitator tells us that it will be no big deal.  We're hoping to get the information about the two little sisters this week or next week at the latest. 

We talked to the girls on Sunday.  I could just hear in little S's voice how much she wants to be here.  All three girls are dying to come asap.  It is so hard because they don't understand how hard we are working to get them here.  All of the hoops we have to jump through, and all the money it costs that we need to save and raise.  It takes time.  It's kind of crazy because here is a family that loves these girls and wants to adopt them.  And those girls' great desire at this time is to be here with us!  Sometimes I think, "Just let them come to us!"  But both countries' governments need to screen those who are adopting.  I understand that.

We are on track with paperwork to travel to Ukraine in February.  We still need a lot of money.  Tonight we'll meet with some wonderful friends who will help us come up with ways to get the word out and fundraise.  I am hoping that we do have the needed money at the same time Ukraine is ready for us to come.  Thankfully we originally told the girls it would be later in the Spring before we could get them so they won't be dissappointed if we can't go in February.  But what a wonderful surprise for them when we do show up much earlier than they think!

If you can donate any amount, small or large, please consider doing so.  We'll post fundraisers soon too.

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