Monday, January 28, 2013

A heavenly avalanche of love... the Jones family adoption story

$5 for 5 Girls on Friday
So...what can $5 do? Well, you could buy a Happy Meal for ONE of your kids; You could buy a jar of organic peanut butter; You could wash your car; You could buy a ream of copy paper; You could help a family adopt 5 orphans from the Ukraine.... Hmm...which sounds better to you?

$5 for 5 starts this Friday. The Jones Family will have 5 WEEKS left to raise enough money to complete the adoption process to bring these girls home. If you donate $5 then share this video with 5 friends who donate $5...and so on...and so on...and so on....just think of what we can all do together...MIRACLES is what we can do. Want to be a part of something bigger than that $5 grande latte somethin' somethin' you pick up each morning on your way to work? You'll never look at 5-bucks the same way ever again. ♥

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