Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The New Horizons For Children Interview Team is in Ukraine

The New Horizons team is now in Ukraine interviewing children for Summer hosting.  One of the interviewers describes what it is like for them as they travel around Ukraine finding these precious orphans.  She also highlights some of the sweet children they are finding in the orphanages.

This one just really touches me and I hope a family chooses them:

"I think of brothers Tolya and Ivan… whom we’ve interviewed before but a family has never chosen them. Good brothers, who like each other and get along. Brothers who would very much like to see America- together."

Another one that really gets to me is about a boy who did poorly last summer hosting:

"He’s made some changes in his life and has weathered some tough breaks. He has seen first hand the desperation that can come with post orphanage life as his older (aged out) brother committed suicide just a couple of months ago. It brought Mikal LOW and rocked him to his very core, but I think he’s come out a more mature young man. And one, we hope, more prepared to LEARN from a trip to America. He realizes he’s too old for adoption and that a student visa from Ukraine is not an option; but he is now quite vocal with the younger kids- telling them to really look at their options and see what their future has in store for them. Mikal SEES his future, and he’s trying to help others avoid it."

These are real kids in real situations.  The girls we are working to adopt are out there facing their own future reality in Ukraine.  Please help us adopt them and give them their own family by donating.  You can make a real difference in these girls' lives.

Read more about the interview team's journey here:



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