Monday, January 21, 2013

Phone call with girls

We just talked to the girls this morning.  They are anxious to come as soon as possible.  All three are doing well.  The word they use sounds a lot like "normal."  We told them about the snow house that our kids made and they told us about the big snowman they made.  We told Lyuba that her scanned hand print that she made and put on our fridge is still up there.  She was happy to hear that.  We told them that their cousins are excited to meet them.  The girls are happy to meet them soon.  Our sweet, almost 12 year old niece just donated her birthday money to the girls' adoption fund.

Lyuba was very talkative, as usual!  She asked us to send something that she had used while here, but our translators were having a hard time understanding what she wanted.  She described the contents of our bathroom to them.  Our translators were learning more about our bathroom than they ever wanted to know!  Finally, when she said you put it in your mouth, but don't swallow it and then you spit it out, they figured out she wants mouthwash.  I don't even remember her using mouthwash while she was here!

Diana sounded happy and sweet.  She is sometimes quieter because she doesn't know us, but this time she talked more.  She wants to come out and experience what her sisters were able to do.  She still wants to be adopted.

Snezhana was really quiet today.  I hope she's okay.  We cannot wait to be reunited with her.  We can't wait to be with all three, but I feel it especially with Snezhana because she's the youngest and I feel has a lot of need for parents.

We were able to learn the ages of their little sisters.  They are 8 and 9.  I am so glad they are older and have each other because the chances of more serious attachment issues are lessened.  I pray that we are able to adopt them too.  It is so sad that all of the girls are so close in age and separated.  They should be in the same orphanage.  I hope we are able to reunite them for good.

Snezhana wearing Papa's (Jay) reading glasses.
Help us bring her home!!!
Lyuba so happy to receive Hello Kitty ear phones from Isak and Devree.
Help us bring her home!!!

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