Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun Memory Friday

A joke that Jay and I have is that Lyuba and Snezhana must think that Russian is the second language of the United States.  It seemed that almost everywhere we went we ran into Russian speakers.  There was the pediatric dentist that we were referred to who spoke Russian, which was soooo helpful for little Snezhana.  A cousin of one of the dental assistants at our family dentist spoke Russian and came in one day to translate.  The receptionist at the doctor's office spoke Russian and had a conversation with the girls.  The week the girls arrived we had neighbors move in just around the corner who speak Russian - both the husband and wife.  The girls loved talking to them.  Like most of the Russian speakers here in Utah, they went on missions to Ukraine.  We did meet some Russian speakers who didn't pick up the language through missions.  One was the family that we became friends with through the experience.  They had lived in Moscow for 10 years and could all speak Russian to some degree or another.  We also met two Russian speaking sister missionaries at Temple Square.  And the Russian proprietor at the Russian restaurant in Salt Lake that we visited.  It was amazing to watch all the Russian speakers emerge out of the woodwork!  The other joke between Jay and I is that the girls must think they managed to come to the only family that doesn't speak Russian!

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