Thursday, November 15, 2012

Whew!  I ran up to Salt Lake today to pick up the paperwork that was being apostilled.  I had received a call from a man with the Lieutenant Governor's Office yesterday letting us know that the paperwork was ready.  The girl at the desk today couldn't find our paperwork and insisted over and over again that no one called me yesterday.  It was insane, but I insisted back that someone did.  She and another girl called people and looked around for it as I sat there thinking about all the different forms I'd have to get filled out again and notarized if they had lost the paperwork.  Thankfully they eventually found it in their inbox all apostilled.  I was very relieved! 

We just have two more items to be apostilled and one has already been dropped off at the Lieutenant Governor's Office.  I just have my fingers crossed they don't lose it.  I can't believe we are at this point.  I am so excited to be this far in getting the girls home.

As always we are needing donations.  These three girls absolutely must leave the orphanage and have a better life.  We can't do it ourselves and we are so thankful to all that have donated.  It doesn't matter the amount.  At the Halloween Carnival some children each donated $1 into our donation jar.  I almost cry now thinking about it.  Large or small, everyone's donations are really making a difference in three girls' lives.

Tomorrow I will post a new Fun Memory Friday post.  I had so much going on last week that I forgot to.

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