Thursday, November 8, 2012

Find Change to Make a Change

We are doing another fundraiser to help pay for the apostilling of the adoption documents.  We're calling it Find Change to Make a Change in Three Girls' Lives.  My friend inspired this idea when she told me how she was able to find about $50 worth of change around her house one day when she and her daughters decided to hunt around their house for loose change.  We're asking you to help make a difference in L, D and S's lives by finding loose change around your house and car and donating it towards making their adoption happen.  It really is an opportunity to make a difference in three girls' lives.  Our family can't do it by ourselves!


Where we are in the process...

I drove up to Salt Lake City yesterday to drop off the bulk of our paperwork to be apostilled at the State Capitol. It needs to be apostilled, which is like notarizing it internationally, so that Ukraine will accept it as being legitimate.  It should be ready for me to pick up next week. Then I mail it to my facilitator to be translated before it is sent to Ukraine. There is still a little more paperwork we are waiting for the government to get back with us about that will need to be apostilled and included in our dossier. Utah is an expensive state to apostille in unfortunately and it is costing us hundreds more to do it than it would in many other states. We can bundle a couple things to save money, about $45.

I have been having a hard time fundraising lately.  I don't do very well at asking for money.  I really don't like it.  I'd rather give.  The only way I am doing it is because L, D and S absolutely must be adopted.  I can't stand the thought of them stuck in the orphanage and graduating from it to very bad circumstances for them in Ukraine.  Jay and I already feel as though we are their mom and dad, we just need to make it official.  And then they will have a good foundation for their futures. 

I have been busy with paperwork - getting the dossier ready and filling out grant applications.  But I've decided that it's time to pick myself back up and push fundraising again.  The amount of money we have left to come up with does instill some fear in me, but I do have faith that God will provide in some way that I don't see at this time.  Any help you can give us is so appreciated, be it through prayers, spreading the word or donating.

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  1. You are ripping through the process! Just behind us if you are getting docs apostilled! We just heard this morning that our dossier has been submitted to Ukranian government (everything was finally translated and prepared to submit). Now we wait for a court date. Praying really hard that we can get a court date for before the holidays. Don't know where the money will come from for us either... but faith IS the key! Keeping you and your family in our prayers as well!