Monday, November 19, 2012

Dreaming of Being Adopted

Yesterday, during our weekly call, we were finally able to tell the girls that we are adopting them.  When we first called, we could only get a hold of Lyuba.  We told her we had something to tell them all and needed all of them together.  She kept telling us to tell her and she'd tell the other two.  She also asked if they were coming out for Christmas hosting.  Because it would cost about $9,000 to host them for Christmas, we aren't able to host them.  It would make the adoption take longer as we need to raise funds.  We told her we'd tell her when all three were together.

Finally Lyuba was on the phone with Diana and Snezhana in the room.  When we told Lyuba, she told the other two, with excitement, "They want to adopt us!"  I about cried when Lyuba told us that she has dreamed of it.  Even though it was obvious they wanted to be adopted, we asked each girl individually to be sure of each one's desire.  We were especially wondering how Diana felt since she has never met us.  We were thrilled that she really wants to be adopted too.  She kept asking when she could come to our home.  She is becoming more talkative during our phone calls.  We do send her as much love as we can in the mail.  We have hoped that she feels it.  And Snezhana said yes also.  Snezhana has been quiet when we've spoken to her in previous phone calls, which was unlike how she was while we were hosting her.  But yesterday she sounded how I remember her.  She specifically asked to talk to me, but besides being able to say, "I love you" to each other we couldn't understand what else she was saying.  Whatever it was, we just heard, "Mamamamamama."  I feel that, while all three really do, Snezhana especially needs to be here as soon as possible.  The girls kept asking, "When are we coming?"  We could only tell them it would be in the spring.  We've just barely missed getting our dossier in to Ukraine before they take a two month break from receiving new applications during their holiday.  Otherwise we would be leaving in January to get them.  We couldn't end the phone call.  We kept saying, "bye", and then continuing the conversation until our phone card's minutes ran out!

I feel that it was providential that we told the girls yesterday.  I had been concerned that they would figure out that they weren't coming for Christmas and be hurt.  I knew they would know that kids from their orphanage were going because Lyuba's friend, who had been hosted during the summer, is being hosted again by the same family.  Apparently they have found out because Lyuba kept asking about it before we could tell them they were being adopted.  Saturday night I was pushed into calling New Horizons and our adoption facilitator to ask about telling the girls.  I feel that this is just another example of God's hand in all of this.  I have seen it soooo many times.  He truly cares for these girls.

We still have about $37,000 to raise to complete their adoption.  If you have the means to donate, please help the girls.  They NEED a family and I know that it will happen.  We are so grateful to all who help us.  Prayers are very appreciated also.

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