Monday, December 10, 2012

"It will be okay"

I have to admit, I'm having a hard time getting into any kind of Christmas spirit.  Other than buying a few gifts for my kids, both American and Ukrainian, I have no desire at all to spend money!  Every penny that we can save will go towards the adoption.  I'm now trying to convince my kids that the 6 foot fiber optic Christmas tree that we bought on clearance several years ago will work great for our Christmas tree. 

The funny thing is that, even without being "in the Christmas spirit", I actually have felt closer to God lately than ever.  There have been many small miracles associated with the girls.  They are being watched out for.  Things have gone really well with our paperwork.  We are just waiting on one last thing from Immigration and then our dossier gets sent to Ukraine.  What keeps me up at night is the money.  A year ago adoption was not a thought at all in our heads.  Even when we decided to host orphans we thought it would just be for the summer to make a difference for them.  Little did we know that we would bond with them.  We thought we could let them go to another family who was planning on adopting them.  But God let us know that the girls are supposed to come to us.  

The only thing that keeps me going is the thought of Lyuba and Snezhana and their sister, Diana, in the orphanage waiting for us to bring them home.  They are helpless at this point.  These girls want and need to be out of the orphanage and into the loving arms of a family as soon as possible.  It is up to us to help them.  The problem is, we only have and can save a certain amount of money before Ukraine gives us an appointment date.  We have to fund raise the rest, about $25,000 now.  Please, I ask you to donate to our three girls in an orphanage.  Each of you who have the means to help are truly their only hope.  Do I sound melodramatic?  Well, I kind of feel that way!  I just know that we are supposed to adopt them even though it is so expensive and we don't have the funds ourselves.  I get really nervous about it, which brings me to the title of this post:  "It will be okay".  During the time after the girls left to go home to Ukraine and our neighbors were in the process of adopting them, Jay and I had no peace about it.  We decided to pray for peace.  When I prayed for peace, and I was only asking for peace, I immediately and strongly felt these words, "You will adopt the girls and it will be okay."  That last bit, "it will be okay", seems like a funny add on to me, but it has given me much comfort.

If you can donate a large amount to the girls' fund, we would be forever grateful.  On the right side of this blog is a link to a tax deductible donation way to give.  Even a small amount is tremendously appreciated.  Lots of small amounts add up!  Thank you to all who donate and all who have donated.  Words can't even express how we feel.  Thanks!

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