Saturday, February 2, 2013

We were able to speak with the girls this morning.  Before we asked to speak to them, we wanted to ask the orphanage worker who answered the phone some questions about the village they live in.  We were curious what kind of accomodations there are.  I had confirmed to me what I have suspected.  They live in a very small village - less than 3,000 people.  We will stay in a town about 12 miles away.  The worker was so friendly and happy to answer our questions.  She told us it was really cold in Ukraine, 2 degrees celcius.  I was happy to see when I converted the celcius to farenheit and checked our weather to find that it was colder here today.  I think we should be able to handle the cold weather in Ukraine!

Our conversation with the girls was great.  Lyuba really wanted us to pinpoint a time that we would be coming.  Because I won't know for sure until we receive our SDA appointment, I don't want to give them a time that is too soon and let them down.  We told her that in two weeks we should be able to tell her when we're coming.  That is going to be a really fun phone call.  Lyuba sounded great.  We laughed a bit with her and she said it was good to hear me laugh.  She's learned a little more English.  We've learned a little more Russian in our phone conversations ourselves!

We asked to speak with Snezhana next since last week our conversation was cut short with her as she had to go to dinner.  Snezhana sounded great too.  We got laughing at one point with her where she would laugh, then we would laugh, then she would again and so on.  It's the first time we've heard her laugh since she left and it was so good to hear.  She laughed all the time during her stay with us in the summer.  Jay had to take a phone call at the beginning of the conversation with Snezhana.  When he came back and said "hi" to her, she told him that she loves him. 

Diana was talkative and she sounded really good.  We told her we love her and she said she loves us.  I think she's starting to believe we really do love her.  She is the one who couldn't come out for summer hosting, so she hasn't met us yet.  We asked her about her memories when she was younger.  She remembers having a pet dog, cat and a parrot.  She told us she still wants an mp3 player!  She also likes dolls and wants a dollhouse.  We had asked her what she wants when she comes to America.

After calling the girls, Jay and I went around town putting up flyers for the Valentine's Craft Fair fundraiser we are holding next Saturday, Feb 9.  Businesses have been very nice and have donated items for the silent auction we'll hold too.  At one business, we were talking about the adoption to the ladies who work there.  One of them mentioned a family by name that is in Ukraine right now.  I thought I recognized their name as one of the families also on the Eli Project.  Later, when I was home purusing Facebook, I noticed that a friend, who happens to be in Ukraine adopting now, had "liked" a picture by a family with the same last name.  Out of curiosity I clicked on it and saw that their location is the same town that we will be staying in by the girls' orphanage!  I couldn't believe it.  I wouldn't have clicked on the picture if I hadn't just heard that name.  They are adopting a girl from that town.  I have been wanting more information about the area, but it is such a rural area that there isn't much about it online.  I have sent a message to this person hoping to learn more about the area.  I also was able to find her blog which has several pictures of the town, which is about 12 miles away from the girls' town.

Snezhana always wants to say "hi" to Sam!
We are excited that we are getting so close to leaving to get the girls.  The closer we get, the more of a reality it is becoming and we are so happy.  It will be hard to leave our other children for up to two months.  But we are thankful that they will be in good hands - they are staying with my parents.  They will be able to easily continue going to their school.  We'll be able to skype with them most of the time which will be very nice.  Thank you everyone for your support, prayers and donations.  We know that we could not do this without you. 

Lyuba so happy!  During summer hosting.


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