Thursday, February 14, 2013

Just Waiting and Fundraising

Next week we should get an email with our appointment date in Ukraine.  We'll leave approximately two weeks after receiving the email.  I can't wait to get the email and go.  But I'm also nervous about it coming too fast and us not having our house ready and things packed!  And we need to get more fundraising in!  This weekend we'll start switching kids' bedrooms around to fit the girls in.  If we get far enough along, I'll post some pictures.  We'll also call the girls.  Next week we'll be able to tell them when we're coming.  That is going to be the FUNNEST phone call.

We are going to continue the $5 for 5 Girls on Friday fundraiser until we are funded or the girls are home.  Each Friday please contribute only $5 to getting the girls home!  All together we can create a miracle.

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