Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Like two drops of water!"

We were able to talk to Lyuba this morning.  As usual she is very anxious for us to come get her and her sisters.  We're anxious too!  I also talked to our facilitator this morning.  She told me that a family that submitted their paperwork one week ahead of us just received their appointment date for the 11th of March.  It is looking like ours will probably be around the 18th of March.  So hopefully by the end of next week we'll hear something.  This waiting is hard!!!

Lyuba has a really close friend at the orphanage.  I haven't even thought to ask for permission to use her name so I'm going to call her Nadiya which means "hope".  Nadiya was hosted through the same organization that we hosted through during the summer and this last Christmas.  Nadiya was in the room with Lyuba during our phone call this morning.  I've talked to Nadiya's host mom several times and was able to have Lyuba tell Nadiya that her host family loves and misses her.  Nadiya deeply loves and misses them too.  She didn't want to go back to Ukraine at the end of Christmas hosting and tried to stay.  I understand what that is like after watching Lyuba and Snezhana beg to stay with us at the end of summer.  Lyuba went on and on about how she and Nadiya are best friends.  They are so close.  They are like two drops of water!  That must mean something in Ukraine!  They both love to dance.  Nadiya's host mom has described her to me as very loving and good with younger children.  She loves to do hair.  She sounds a lot like Lyuba which is probably why they are such good friends!

Lyuba and Nadiya at the orphanage.
"Like two drops of water" according to Lyuba.
Nadiya's host family wants to adopt her.  They have the paperwork all lined up, they just need to raise the last amount of funds to finish the adoption.  They need $17,000 to be fully funded.  I have now twice felt that something needs to be done to help get Nadiya home.  She is 15 now.  When she turns 16 towards the end of this year, all hope for adoption for her is lost.  She will have to leave the orphanage and will be on her own.

We have been very blessed to be fully funded for our children and I feel strongly that I need to help Lyuba's friend.  If you can help at all, please donate through our paypal link or mail a check to the address on the "Donate Here" page and be sure to specify that it is for Nadiya.  We will send the funds to her adoptive family.  Please be sure to specify Nadiya because we are still accepting help for our girls for their dental work and we want to be sure to apply your donation to her.  This really is another opportunity to make a tremendous difference in someone's life.

Thanks everyone for the support you've given us.  I can never say it enough!!!

Nadiya with her younger "host" siblings during Christmas hosting.

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