Thursday, February 7, 2013

The fundraising thermometer is moving up!

We have been so thankful to everyone who has helped us.  Several people have surrounded us with fundraising support which has made all the difference for us, especially as we have tackled bigger projects.  We have received many donations for which we cannot even express how grateful we are.  Because I've never fundraised before I had no idea how much love I would feel behind each donation.  I have learned how much a $5 donation can mean.  Some of you have donated over and over.  I am learning from you and plan to be like you in my future giving.  Thank you all so much.  You are all truly angels for the girls.  We would not be able to do it without all of you.

Picture of Lyuba at the orphanage
that we recently were given.  Her
name is written in Russian
at the bottom. 
Can't wait to see this
face again!
 We still have a distance to go, just over $12,000 now.  While it's still a huge number, I'm feeling a lot more confident now about the amount we need.  While in Ukraine we'll learn if we can adopt Liliya and Sasha, the two younger sisters, also.  We'll need up to about $15,000 more if we can adopt them.  We hope we can as it would get them out of their orphanage sooner and would cost a lot less than starting all over again.  If we can't adopt them now, we'll learn which orphanage they are in and send care packages to them like we have been sending to the older girls.

We plan to take several suitcases full of donations for both of the orphanages to use.  When we call the girls on Saturday, we plan to ask the worker who answers what they are in need of.  We'll bring what they need and some fun things for the children.  Once we have a better idea of what they need and how much room we'll have, we'll post a list for anyone who'd like to help.


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