Monday, December 24, 2012

Photos of all three girls! And where we are with everything.

We had never seen Diana, not even a picture of her.  I came up with a plan to obtain pictures of her a month or so ago.  It was a long shot and it worked!  Here are a couple pictures of all three girls at their orphanage.
Lyuba, Diana, Snezhana

Lyuba, Snezhana, Diana
I'm resetting our fundraising thermometer.  Thanks to all who have donated, we have had enough money to complete our homestudy and dossier.  Now I have in my mind the amount that we will need to fly to Ukraine and finish the adoption.  It is the bulk of what we will need and is $34,000.  We currently have $6,000 towards it.  We have been truly blessed this month in our business and think we will be able to set aside $5,000 more for our adoption for a total of $11,000.  I'll update the thermometer when we are able to put the money in the account.  December tends to be a busier month for us.  Things usually slow down after the new year, but we're hoping that between our tax return and what we can save in January, that we can come up with another $5,000 ourselves.  We are living as frugally as possible!  Our dossier is in Ukraine.  Everything is done except for USCIS which is almost approved.  It is still looking like we will be traveling in February, around the third week.  You can help these three sisters have a better life by donating to their fund.  We appreciate so much all of you that donate! Thanks!  We can use prayers too.

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