Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We are still plugging away at the adoption.  I can't believe it, but we've been in Ukraine three weeks now.  Things are taking a long time because the girls' case is so complicated.  I wish I could post exactly what has been going on, but I have heard that orphanages read adoptive parents' blogs so we need to be careful what we post.  We have two orphanages involved, and I don't want to take any chances.  If I feel comfortable about it when all is done, I will post more about our experiences with the adoption.

We had a meeting for seperation of the older girls from the younger ones today.  Nothing really was resolved, but some direction was given and our facilitators are working on it.  I am really hoping that separation happens this week.  We don't want to separate the girls, but from our vantage point, we can see that it may be for the best for now.  We plan to help the three older girls call their younger sisters regularly when we are all home.  They haven't had contact with them for 5 years, so that will be wonderful for them.  Then, when the opportunity opens up, we plan to begin the adoption of the younger two. 

The adoption still could fall apart for a couple reasons.  But today we feel that it will work as long as we hang on and stay in Ukraine long enough.  We also remember the inspiration we were given at the very beginning and all of the miracles that we have witnessed so far.  This gives us hope too.

For the most part we are enjoying our experiences here.  The people of Ukraine that we have met are friendly and welcoming.
Cobblestone street in Balta.

Open air market in Balta.

House that we had church in.

Well and fire wood in front of house.
Open air market in Balta

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