Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things are going well here.  We have been able to visit the girls every day since we arrived back from Lviv.  They are happy and doing well.  Court is coming up soon and we are excited to be at that point in the process.  After court there is a 10 day waiting period before we can pick up the girls.  Then we will have about two weeks here in Ukraine to get their birth certificates, passports and other paperwork.  Because things up to this point here in Ukraine have taken longer than we anticipated we have decided to go home soon after court until school lets out for the summer at the end of May.  Then we will come back to Ukraine to pick up the girls.  We will be able to visit with our kids at home who miss us a lot and who we miss, we will be able to attend our son's high school graduation, see our new grandson who is due any day now, get our house and yard ready to bring the girls home to and we will be able to leave Sara and Sam home while just Jay and I return to pick up the girls which will make travel and lodging in Ukraine a lot easier.

Because things have taken a few weeks longer than we anticipated, and who knows for sure how long things will take when we come back, we have decided to fund raise a little more by selling some of the fun things we have found here in Ukraine.  We are trying to raise $3500, the cost of our tickets to return to Ukraine.  After court we will post more information about the items for sale.

Blossoms are now on the trees at the orphanage.

We discovered lots of puppies.  Lyuba fed them part of her dinner.

Sara and Lyuba

Sam, who loves absolutely loves any dog, is in heaven with all of the puppies here.

Lyuba, Sam and puppy

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