Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Information about the girls

It was late last night when I posted and I forgot to talk about the information we were able to learn about the girls.  I'll give you some of the details!  We saw pictures of them when they first arrived at the orphanage (probably not the one they are in now.)  The orphanage cut their hair very short when they first arrived and they looked forlorn.  It was hard to see those pictures.  There were also more recent pictures of each girl.  Diana looks a lot like Lyuba.  We were given their birth dates.  Lyuba and Snezhana are the ages we thought they were.  Diana is actually a year younger than we thought!  She is a year older than Snezhana rather than a year younger than Lyuba.  Their mom was a single mom - big surprise to us as we had thought their parents were married.

We learned that their mom, who we don't think they have seen or heard from since they were put in the orphanage five years ago, and their older sister came to visit them recently.  Their older sister probably told their mom about the adoption.  The mom lost all rights to the girls a year after they were put in the orphanage, but she can persuade them to stay.  This just makes me sick with worry that Lyuba will be influenced by them to stay in Ukraine.  What Lyuba decides is what the other girls will do, we are pretty certain of that.  This was confirmed at the SDA when they told us that their orphanage director said that Lyuba was the leader of the younger two and what she says is what they do!  Please pray that the girls can see their choices and the results of their choices clearly!

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