Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 Hour Layover in Paris to Apartment in Kiev

The only flight we could find with such short notice (8 days), using Skymiles and a long enough layover was one with a 24 hour layover in Paris.  We decided to make the most use of that time by seeing as much of Paris as our tired selves could handle.  It was a great way to help acclimate ourselves to the time change.  We arrived in Paris at about 7 am and were excited to see things, so after only an hour nap we spent the rest of the day awake!  I'm posting pictures of Paris here mostly for my kids because the computer isn't letting me attach them to emails.

Buying baguette sandwiches and mushroom, cheese and egg filled crepes for lunch.
Pastry shop.

Inside pastry shop.  Sam had a pistachio pastry while I had a chocolat one.  Jay had a macaron (his favorite) and Sara had what we call "the sugary thing", I have no idea what is was.

Love the atmosphere of these narrow roads.

We weren't able to go up in it because it was freezing cold, starting to snow and Sam was starting to get a cough.

The Louvre is huge!

Inside the Louvre pyramid.  I've always wondered what it's like in there!

We visited the Italian Painters wing so we could see the Mona Lisa.  Although it was posted "no pictures" in the Louvre, everyone was taking pictures all over it right in front of security people.  We joined in (no flash.) 

Heading down to metro to go back to hotel.

These two people hopped aboard our subway car and started singing.
They were pretty good.  The guy was a character!
The bungee cords someone suggested we bring came in handy on our first night.  The shower head wouldn't stay up!

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